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Prior Authorization Information

Prior Authorization Information

What is a prior authorization?

Community Health Choice members have access to all covered benefits that are medically necessary health care services. Some of these services need to be reviewed before the service is provided to make sure the service is appropriate and medically necessary. This review is called prior authorization, and is made by doctors, nurses and other health care professionals.

If a prior authorization request cannot be approved based on medical necessity, you will receive a letter with the reason why the prior authorization request was not approved. This is called a denial. You can ask Community Health Choice to review the denial again. This is called an appeal.


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Review a list of the covered services that require prior authorization.

Healthcare providers are responsible for submitting prior authorization requests. These can be submitted by phone, fax or online. Your doctor can also get more information by visiting Community Health Choice’s Prior Authorizations webpage.

The timeframes for responding to prior authorization requests are listed below.

Physical Health Services, Supplies, Equipment, Behavioral Health Services, Clinician Administered Drugs (CAD)

Type of Request

Turnaround Time


Within 1 business day from the receipt of a request


Within 3 business days from the receipt of a request


Within 1 business day from the receipt of a request


Type of Request

Turnaround Time

Urgent, Routine

Within 24 hours from the receipt of a request

Community Health Choice will deny a claim if your provider does not obtain an authorization before providing services to you.  You will not be billed for payments for such services, unless services are not a benefit or as specified in your benefit plan.

Except for emergency services, post-stabilization services, and services provided to you during an approved inpatient admission, all services from an out-of-network provider must be prior authorized. Claims for services from out-of-network providers that are not approved before the service is given will be denied. You may receive a bill from the provider for those services.

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