Honoring Our Vision, Celebrating Our Mission

Honoring Our Vision, Celebrating Our Mission

On Thursday, June 2,2022, we celebrated the life of Dr. Glen Johnson, Community’s founding CEO.

Visionary health leaders launched Community Health Choice twenty-five years ago with a primary calling to serve children and pregnant women, and an overall mission to open doors of health and wellbeing to vulnerable Texans. Many women and men have been faithful stewards of our mission, including Dr. Glen Johnson, President and CEO of Community Health Choice from May 1998 – December 2008.

“Dr. J”, as employees called him affectionately, passed away this year. In recognition of his tremendous contributions, Community hosted a celebration of his life with Dr. Johnson’s family, Community’s Board of Directors and Leadership Team, friends, and colleagues.

Long-time Community employees shared their memories of Dr. J with his family, recounting anecdotes of his listening style, his commitment to Members as well as employees, and his fun sense of humor.

Colleagues and Board Members recalled Dr. J’s fierce commitment to Community’s mission and vision, prioritizing the needs and health of children and pregnant women, while building a strong foundation for a new health insurance company. Dr. J oversaw the expansion of our provider network and instituted educational and training opportunities for providers and members, as well as staff.

“The stories told by his children and our employees were inspiring,” said Community CEO Lisa Wright. “Although we’ve grown from a small start-up to serving more than 450,000 members, the mission and vision were firmly planted from the beginning. It is awesome to see how Dr. Johnson’s focus on our mission helped shape who Community has become today.”

In addition to celebrating with family, friends, and colleagues, Community introduced the new Dr. J Training Room, memorializing Dr. Johnson and providing onboarding and training for Community Health Choice employees.