Sarah’s Story

Sarah’s Story

Community Health Choice Member and CareerReady scholar Sarah recently graduated from HCC with a perfect 4.0 GPA. Here's her story.

CareerReady Scholar- Sarah

When Sarah had her son, people told her that her life would stop. They told her she would only be able to focus on her child, but Sarah had other plans. Not only did she want to provide for her son, but she also wanted him to see how successful his mother and father could be. She wanted to lead by example so that he would know he can do anything.

Well, Sarah has done just that and beyond. She recently graduated from Houston Community College with a perfect 4.0 grade point average and was inducted into The National Society of Leadership and Success.

The path to achieve this was not always easy. Sarah had tried a few times before to take classes and advance toward earning a degree, but she did not have the tools to be as successful as she would like to be.

That’s when she learned about Community’s CareerReady program and decided to apply. She was accepted into the program, and that played a big role in helping her achieve her goal.

“Community Health Choice is unlike any other insurance company I know with the additional resources they provide,” said Sarah. “The CareerReady program and life coaches who guide you along the way helped me get ready for the real world and better myself as a person.”

One of the obstacles Sarah had in school was that she would often give up if she didn’t think she was doing everything perfectly. Coaching sessions with her life coach helped her learn to open up, let her guard down, and have the confidence to be herself. She learned it was okay not to be perfect and have a bad day as long as you picked yourself back up and continued forward on your path.

After joining the CareerReady program, Sarah set the goal to maintain a 4.0 grade point average for all the people supporting her. Working with her Life Coach, she learned good study habits, was given access to free tutoring, and had someone to talk to when things got tough at school.

She also learned life skills, including how to write a resume, how to type faster, and how to build credit and other financial literacy.

“I would recommend this program to anybody who asks,” said Sarah.  “You have to have determination and accountability for yourself, but the program life coaches work hard to make you a better person for yourself in the long run. Do it. Take the chance!”