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Better Together: A Mental Health Roundtable

Better Together: A Mental Health Roundtable

Discussing Mental Health with Community Partners

On June 24, 2024, Community Health Choice hosted a second partnership roundtable. The title of this event was “Better Together: A Community Conversation on Mental Health and Wellness.” and was led by Community’s President and CEO Lisa Wright. The event brought together leaders from across the area to engage in meaningful conversations about mental health and care. 

The roundtable kicked off with opening remarks from Lisa, who underscored the critical nature of addressing mental health in our communities. “When I think about moving forward, it’s about understanding who does what well and who can help in each situation,” Wright remarked, emphasizing the importance of collaborative efforts among community partners.

Throughout the discussion, topics ranged from patient care and necessary improvements in mental health services to innovative approaches for reaching underserved populations. By bringing together a diverse array of voices, the roundtable highlighted the multifaceted nature of mental health and explored strategies to promote mental wellness in the community.

Key conversations at the roundtable included identifying barriers to access, the importance of early intervention, the need to build trust with patients, and exploring strategies to improve mental health support. Dr. Jamie Freeny of Mental Health America of Greater Houston emphasized the significance of these discussions, stating, “The discussion was crucial because it allowed us to examine the intersections of healthcare and education.”

The roundtable also addressed the alarming statistics surrounding mental health care in Texas. Currently, Texas ranks last in the nation for access to mental health professionals and treatment options. This stark reality underscores the necessity of continued dialogue and action. By facilitating these conversations, Community aims to drive change and encourage more open discussions about mental health, ultimately leading to better support for those in need. The collaborative spirit and shared insights from the those who attended will help in shaping future initiatives and discussions surrounding mental health care and accessibility.

Community looks forward to building on the momentum generated by this event and working closely with partners to create a more inclusive and supportive environment for mental health and wellness in our area.

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