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1st Community Health Choice Partnership Roundtable

1st Community Health Choice Partnership Roundtable

Community Health Choice Partnership Roundtables

On January 25th, Community Health Choice brought together local partners for a crucial discussion:Community Health in Transition: Strategies for Wellness Amid Changes in Medicaid.” Led by Community’s President and CEO Lisa Wright, the event aimed to strengthen collaboration and resource coordination to better serve Houstonians.

 “We have amazing community partners who care deeply about improving lives,” Wright emphasized, highlighting the event’s significance as thousands face challenges due to the Public Health Emergency (PHE) unwinding.

Alicia Lee, a Director at March of Dimes Houston, echoed this sentiment: “Today’s discussion really solidified that there are organizations who are working in the intersection between the healthcare an individual and their family receive, and those non-medical drivers of health that are affecting the outcomes that we are seeing,” she stated.

Beyond the PHE Unwinding’s aftermath, topics included the overall health of Houstonians, with a particular focus on maternal health.

Overall, the event sparked productive discussions, identified key next steps, and laid the groundwork for increased enrollment assistance for Medicaid and Medicare recipients.

This gathering represents a significant step towards enhanced health resource coordination in Greater Houston. As Terri Burke, Executive Director at Immunization Partnership, powerfully noted, “We don’t always have all the money, we don’t always have all the people, but we have innovation, and we can come together and become a force multiplier to solve these problems. “

By aligning their goals, local groups can exponentially increase their collective impact, ultimately benefitting all Houstonians.