Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Need more info CareerReady Scholarship? Check out the FAQs below. 

Your Life Coach serves as a support system and source of encouragement while you participate in the CareerReady program. Your Life Coach will be assigned to you. All CareerReady students are required to meet with their Life Coach at least twice per month in order to remain eligible to receive the scholarship.

No, under the Texas Health and Human Services W—1411.2.1 Educational Assistance policy scholarships are exempt.
Yes. Please let your Life Coach know what books and supplies you need for your classes. Your Life Coach will be in touch with the admissions team at Houston Community College or San Jacinto College. Once you are officially accepted into the program, your Life Coach will discuss in more detail how payment for tuition, books, supplies, and student fees will work.

Contact us at [email protected] to request a complete list of approved certifications. If you are interested in a certification that is not on the list, please discuss this with your assigned Life Coach, because exceptions may apply.

Community cares not only about your health but also about your overall well-being. We want to see you succeed in everything you do.
  • Remain in good standing with Houston Community College or San Jacinto College.
  • Maintain passing grades in all classes.
  • Complete your annual health exams (i.e., physical, dental, vision).
  • Complete all prenatal appointments (if applicable).
  • Complete a postpartum appointment (if applicable).
  • Complete immunizations and wellness visits for your newborn (if applicable).
  • Attend a financial literacy class (your Life Coach will provide details).
  • Attend one additional life skills class (your Life Coach will provide details).
  • Meet with your Life Coach at least twice per month.
  • Attend any other required meetings associated with the CareerReady program.

Yes. You will occasionally have group meetings with other CareerReady scholarship recipients. Your fellow CareerReady Scholars will serve as an additional support system throughout the certification process.

The Life Services program would love for you to always stay in touch so we can celebrate your success with you! However, we ask that you provide updates on your success for at least 12 months after finding a job so that we may better assist future CareerReady Scholars.

If you anticipate losing your coverage with Community, please notify your Life Coach as soon as possible. He or she will assist you in preventing it from happening. If you do lose coverage unexpectedly, and you cannot give your Life Coach enough notice, a Community Health Choice employee will be in contact to help you regain coverage.
The cost of remedial classes is included in the scholarship. We understand each student has a different level of college readiness. Be open with your Life Coach. He or she will help you prepare for your classes in the way that best fits your needs.
We need to know details about you to best help you succeed. Your Life Coach is someone you can trust, and your conversations with him or her are confidential.
Each program will be different. You are expected to enroll in at least three hours or more of classes each semester you are in CareerReady.
We expect CareerReady students to dedicate an average of 10 hours per week. This will be time dedicated to attending all required meetings, completing any special assignments associated with the program, and studying for class. Required meetings may include group meetings (two hours), meetings with your Life Coach (one hour), and meetings with Houston Community College or San Jacinto College faculty/counselors/staff.

If you have any other questions, please…