Advanced Premium Tax Credit (APTC)

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Advanced Premium Tax Credit (APTC)

Confirm your health insurance premium assistance

The Advanced Premium Tax Credit (APTC) is a tax credit to lower your monthly health insurance premium. When you enrolled, you were asked to estimate your expected income for the year. If you qualified for a premium tax credit based on your estimate, you can use that amount to lower your premium.

If you qualified for the APTC, you have just 30 days to send in proof that you qualify. If you miss the deadline, you will lose your chance for lower premiums for the rest of 2021.

Please call 713.295.6704 today for help with confirming your health insurance premium assistance.



Not sure if your proof of eligibility is complete? We’ll check with and instantly find out if there are any outstanding actions you need to take.



If you haven’t confirmed your eligibility, you may need to submit additional information to continue receiving financial assistance on your health insurance premiums.



Once the Marketplace receives and approves your documentation, you’re all set. You’ll continue receiving financial assistance with the health insurance you and your family deserve.

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