Where to go for medical care


Feeling sick? Have questions or not sure what to do? Call our Nurse Advice Line at no cost. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 1-888-332-2730. TDD: 7-1-1

Primary Care Doctor. Go for most of your medical needs. Gets to know your health needs to keep you well. Some reasons to visit Common illnesses like cough, fever, and sore throat Annual wellness checkup Lingering health problem that has lasted more than two weeks Routine visits for ongoing illnesses like diabetes Wait time Short Schedule an appointment but may be seen same day
Urgent care center. Treats certain health issues right away to keep from getting worse. Some reasons to visit Stitches Broken bones Flu or sinus infection Wait time Short-to-medium Usually do not need an appointment Moderate cost
Emergency room. Saves life and limb. Go only in an emergency. Some reasons to visit Heart attack Stroke Severe head or eye injuries Wound that will not stop bleeding Wait time Expect a long wait unless the hospital staff determines it is an emergency High cost