Father and Son sitting on a fence

Children of Traveling Farmworkers

1. Are you a parent or a family member?

☐ Yes       ☐ No

2. Do you do agricultural or related work? These jobs include:

☐ Work on a poultry farm
☐ Work on a dairy farm
☐ Growing vegetables and fruits
☐ Planting trees
☐ Other similar farm jobs

3. Do you and your family travel from place to place because of your job?

☐ Yes       ☐ No

If you answered “Yes” to one or more questions above, you and/or your child may qualify for services available to children of traveling farmworkers.

  • Quick health care services such as vaccines, Texas Health Steps checkups, dental care visits, prescription refills, and referrals to specialists before you leave for work
  • Free rides or gas money to the doctor, dentist, hospital or drug store

We can help you and your family schedule a doctor's visit, get vaccinated, get a ride, and much more before you leave for your next farm job. To learn more, please call Wellness Services at 713.295.6789 or toll-free at 1.844.882.7642.