If you need a copy of this handbook in hard copy, please log on to your My Member Account and request one. Or call Member Services toll-free at 1.888.760.2600.

If you have special needs, have trouble seeing or speak another language, please call our Member Services Department toll-free at 1.888.760.2600. We will send you this information in a way that you can read it. If you need an interpreter to help you understand this notice, we can provide you oral or written interpreter help. If you need help with sign language, Community offers Sign Share.

If you have trouble hearing or speaking, please call the TTY/TDD line at 7-1-1 or toll-free at 1.800.735.2989. If you need auxiliary aids and services, including getting materials in alternative formats like large print or Braille, please call the HHSC Eligibility Office toll-free at 1.855.827.3748 or our Member Services Department toll-free at 1.888.760.2600.

Handbook Updates

STAR Your Texas Benefits Card

Adoption Assistance/Permanency Care Assistance (AA/PCA)

Choose Community to be your Medicaid Health Plan!

When it is time to renew your benefits, you may be moved from CHIP to Medicaid. If you want to continue being a Community Health Choice Member, follow these three easy steps.


  1. Fill out your CHIP renewal form, and send it back.
  2. Write Community Health Choice under "Health Plan Name" as your 1st choice when you get your enrollment form.
  3. Keep enjoying our great Community Health Choice service!

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