Prescription, Vision, & Dental Benefits

Prescription, Vision, & Dental Benefits

Community Cares We offer you easy-to-access resources to help you achieve your health goals. If you have any questions, call Member Services toll-free at 1.888.760.2600.

Prescription, Vision, & Dental Benefits

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Prescription Benefits:
Community Health Choice Member Services
Phone: 1.888.760.2600

Vision Benefits:
Envolve Vision
CHIP Members
Phone: 1.844.433.6881

Envolve Vision
STAR Members
Phone: 1.844.686.4358

Dental Benefits:
STAR and CHIP Members under 21 years of age

Phone: 1.800.516.0165

MCNA Dental
Phone: 1.800.494.6262

Value-Added Service for STAR Members 21 years of age and older
FCL Dental
Phone: 1.866.844.4251

Why Choose Community?

As a local nonprofit health plan, Community Health Choice gives you plenty of reasons to join our Community. From the benefits and special programs we offer to the way our Member Services team helps you make the most of them, Community is always working life forward for you and your family.

“I always tell people to choose Community Health Choice. I tell them it’s the best health insurance they will ever be with.”

– Chandolyn
Member of Community Health Choice